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Fiddler by Telerik

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    Fiddler (and Eric Lawrence) just got acquired by Telerik.

    Despite their assurances, I hope that Telerik doesn't pull a Red Gate. I use Fiddler all the time and I'd hate to see it get neutered. On the other hand, I'm excited to see it get some dedicated attention.

    Best wishes to Eric!

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    Telerik sounds like one of the most trustworthy software companies around. Telerik employees always sound excited about what they do and actually care about helping developers.
    It's one of those places people who are tired of working for giant slow moving companies like Microsoft move to.

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    Telerik does have a few free products, so they're not dead set on making every product a profit center.

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    Telerik products tends to be heavy-weight and slow,  I hope Fiddler stay as little as possible, not too much overwhelming bells and whistles.

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    @cbae:I don't know about all of free the products but the last update to the TFS Dashboard was more than a year ago and there are no plans to update it.


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    Here here Kettch!

    Fiddler is great. Lutz Reflector was great Sad

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