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    My computer was acting kind of flaky, so I restarted it. Soon after, I was waiting at POST. It normally takes about two seconds, but today it decided to take a bit longer due to a dead hard drive.

    It took me about an hour and a half to go to the store and pickup a new drive. Amazingly I was able to reinstall Windows 8, Office 2013, Visual Studio 2012, and the SQL Management Studio 2008 in about 45 minutes.

    I turned file history on, pointed it to my history drive, and restored about 16gb of my documents in about 4 minutes.


    Thank you File History Team.


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    @JoshRoss: So the drive was only mostly dead?

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    @cbae: It was about as dead as an SSD drive can be. From my limited experience, when an SSD drive fails, it does it in a rigorous kind of way. Did I mention that it formally belonged to Humperdinck?


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    @JoshRoss: Glad to hear that it worked. I have my files backed up with it too, plus they're on a Storage Space so if a drive dies I can keep going.

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    Well, I feel a little silly as I wasn't using a File History drive.

    Am now though, thanks!

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