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    , Visible = False wrote

    @cbae: I wholeheartedly disagree. I have both the Surface and iPad 3 and would rather use the iPad any day for reading just about anything. Although they do some nice work with Clear Type, the Surface doesn't come even close to the pixel density of the iPad. As for display size, the extra inch on the Surface doesn't make up for the 4X less pixel density.

    With pixel doubling, the iPad forces you to view 1024 x 768 at full screen despite its higher resolution. If you viewed text on the Surface at similar absolute size of what's rendered on the iPad, there's going to be hardly any difference in readability. In all honestly, how closely do you even focus on the tiny serifs of typefaces when you read for this pixel density difference to even matter. Sure, if you put your eyeballs really close to the screen and focus on a single letter rendered on the screen, you can can mesmerize yourself with how awesome the resolution is. I do this every now and then even on my year old Lumia 800, which has near identical pixel density as the retina iPad. But 99.9% of the time, your eyes are scanning the screen while reading and they have little care to whether or not the tiny of the tail of the letter "g" looks slightly more pixelated on one display vs. on another.