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    , cbae wrote


    As I said before, the retina iPad forces 1024 x 768 objects to render at full screen. If you read a web page on mobile Safari, for example, you can't zoom out any more than what would normally render on a 1024 x 768 sized page. This forces text to be rendered in a large size, so you're not really getting much benefit over a 1366 x 768 display with the text scaled to the equivalent absolute size that the iPad renders the text at.

    But isn't that a bonus that one gets with a high dpi display? When it comes to scaling, it's always better to have more pixels than are needed as opposed to not enough.

    The Surface's display may be great for you, but there's no doubt it could be greater with a higher dpi display. Even the guys that worked on the Surface's display acknowledges that the lower res screen was used due to battery life and weight concerns; both of which Apple has had to deal with in the iPad 3.