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For short term Win8 Desktop relief ...

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    Dr Herbie

    Just found this tip posted to emulate 'boot to desktop' in Win8.

    Will try it out as a short-term workaround ...



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    @Dr Herbie: It's odd that that is the way to do it since the start screen itself lives inside explorer.exe. I'm looking at Task Manager, and I do happen to see two instances of explorer.exe running. Very interesting.

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    I think what happens is that Windows switches to desktop whenever a desktop app is started. However explorer detects when another instance already runs, and just exits. The end result is what you want.

    However while I don't like Metro, it's a single click to get to the desktop.

    For some reason I don't want to get involved in hacks to make Windows work the way I want to. For one, it forces me to accept the changes that I eventually need to accept, no matter how counter-productive they are in practice. Second, any hacks could interfere with future changes that MS makes. For instance, what happens to those hacks if MS ever decides to restore some of the previous functionality? Would they conflict?

    EDIT: Actually the second instance of explorer does not exit. It opened a Windows Explorer window, but the 1st one was behind some other windows so I didn't see it. So with the proposed hack you have an explorer window open. So either way you need one click to get to a "clean" desktop. Maybe a tweak could be to run an empty batch file or something instead of explorer.

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    , BitFlipper wrote

    For some reason I don't want to get involved in hacks to make Windows work the way I want to. 

    Yes, I've used hacks and 3rd-party apps/add-ons in the past to 'fix' changes to MS products, only to have them balked by an automatic windows update. No big drama for a one-off PC, but I *once* made the mistake of entrusting such a thing to a network, and then bricked the entire thing with an MS update roll-out - finding myself in the managers office explaining (quite rightly) why I allowed such a disaster to happen.

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    Why don't you just pin your desktop apps to Start? Then it's not 1, but 0 extra clicks to open the app you want. That is the intended/expected usage model in Windows 8 and it's why it boots to Start in the first place.

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    @contextfree`: I want recently used applications in my Start screen.

    Microsoft took this away.  They have no alternative.  That is probably my only major gripe about the Start screen.

    I could do as you suggest, but I'm the kind of guy who never reorganizes his Start screen.  I have almost never reorganized icons on all the phones, tablets, desktops, etc. that I've owned.  Wherever my icons fall, there they shall lie.

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    , bondsbw wrote

    @contextfree`: I want recently used applications in my Start screen.

    Dynamic tile groups would be a neat feature for the Start screen. MRU apps/docs, notifications.

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    Deactivated User

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