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Free GDC 2011 content: Classic game postmortems

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    BEJEWELED  Kapalka, Jason  PopCap Games 

    DOOM  Romero, John  Loot Drop 

    ELITE  Braben, David  Frontier Developments 

    MANIAC MANSION  Gilbert, Ron  Double Fine Productions 

    MARBLE MADNESS  Cerny, Mark  Cerny Games 

    OUT OF THIS WORLD/ANOTHER WORLD  Chahi, Eric  Ubisoft 

    PAC-MAN  Iwatani, Toru  Namco 

    PITFALL!  Crane, David    

    POPULOUS  Molyneux, Peter  Lionhead Studios 

    PRINCE OF PERSIA  Mechner, Jordan    

    RAID ON BUNGELING BAY   Wright, Will  StupidFunClub 


    Too cool for words? I've played all but the first game, as I would think many here have and there's couple personal favorites. I know this has been up couple weeks but I don't recall seeing this linked here?

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