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Freefall from the edge of space

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    Very impressive indeed, but I wonder what the value of doing something that has not been done is: with all this technology, I think we have lost the sense of adventure.

    I have much greater respect for those who dedicate their little spare time to their smaller adventures. Achievements made by nonprofessional athletes who make huge sacrifices to push their limits have much greater human and personal value. Professional and devildare should not be two words that go together IMHO.

    In the end this will only be good marketing for Red Bull and the like, but it will not profit the BASE community that will be stereotyped in the wrong way in front of the general public.

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    I guess there'll always be a way to spin someone's achievements negatively.

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    @Bas: Sorry to be negative, but frankly I don't find it so interesting and find it rather frustrating that the press is giving it so much attention.

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    Sven Groot

    , vault wrote


    You mean 0118 999 881 999 119 7253

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    @vesuvius: Are you implying that encoding that 1080p stream wasn't done in pure Javascript?

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    @kettch: hahaha, you silly. Everyone knows in which language browsers and encoders are written in.

    Tongue Out

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    Don't trust languages that can't have their friggen name encoded into a URL without breaking things.

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