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Frozen in Carbonite

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    There was something about the new forum navigation that captured my attention. On Rev9.Last, I would just click on forums and then a little drop down menu would appear and 99% of the time I would proceed to click on coffee house. However with Rev9, there is this bumper page, and it has links to current and frozen threads. The last activity is listed on this page, for each thread. I posted something to the sandbox, and now it is immortalized in time with my post being the current post.

    Well I must say that I find that very *. *, in that I am both the last post there and the notion that frozen threads have a current post. Had I known what my status would have been, I would have thrown together something better... That is all.


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    How is q-u-e-e-r a bad word?

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    some things just aren't natural

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    @JoshRoss: Haha, that usage is very Enid Blyton Tongue Out

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