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    Somehow I don't buy that a "Windows Store blog" is the last word on the RTM look.

    But the Windows 8 logo thrown around looks like something from the bad days (as in, bad days of early Windows, DOS is still alive and well in DOSBOX). And that look would be in line with the look of the logo. BTW Back in the day, according to wikipedia, Microsoft was copying DR-DOS features from Digital Research. I didn't even realize how severely unusable MS-DOS was until they added those features as I wasn't using MS-DOS until v6.

    I think there could well be some merit to the "cycle" of releases. Eg. Introduce a ton of new stuff in Vista and leave the fixing of critical usability issues & polishing to next release. For all I know, Vista users still have that completely broken explorer. I'm fully expecting Windows 8 to be a "skip" release. There may be few nice features here and there but they will miss some really annoying things that people complained loud about prior to RTM and then when people see they don't bother fixing those *obvious* issues then who's going to buy it? I'm certain this forum is biased toward buying Windows 8 tablet but reality is, the mass market is going to skip Windows 8 tablets. What they won't be skipping is the new display in Ipad 3. No silly ultra-wide aspect ratios. And according to experts you don't need even a 20/20 vision to be able to see the improvement in going from low DPI to high DPI.

    Hint: If you make your screen black, then put a single gray/white pixel on it and can see a rectangular shape, then your display is too low DPI. I don't see ugly rectangular shapes on my CRT for instance. Not even if I get real close and tried. So obviously low DPI LCD's suck.