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    I have a nook too, but that doesn't fall into the iDevices category. The e-paper devices are definitely better on the eyes.

    I have an Android phone so getting a tablet running it just means getting a bigger phone.

    Here's a quick picture that should tell you a lot about iOS like devices, both Android and Apple

    Generic Forum Image

    They are all essentially exactly the same. You can get reader software for any one of them and as long as you have a snapdragon processor or better they never lag.

    They are all simply "big phones". This is also why W7P didn't have a chance. Aside from marketing and the difference between Objective C and Java which isn't noticeable to the end user, there is very little differentiation. Most people call Android tablets iPads for instance.

    Most of the apps are for both platforms as well, which makes the difference even less noticeable.

    Apple has blocked the sale of the tablet on the right in the picture in Europe.

    Because that's how little of a difference there is between Honeycomb and iOS on a 10 inch screen.

    With that little of a perceivable difference between hardware and software, the game is a game of marketing and legal, and Apple, now the biggest company in the United States, has won that competition.

    Microsoft, no matter what they announce at build can only collect on patent licensing for now.

    I wanted to add, that though most of you may not know this, you can now build cross platform native iOS, Android and many other targets withJQuery Mobile using PhoneGap.

    PhoneGap also allows you to use the phone's API from Javascript.

    You write once, compile everywhere like with Flex CS5, except it's free, and it's open source.

    PhoneGap the Windows 8 of MonoTouch and MonoDroid.