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Give my sister money

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    Apparently my sister (she's a doctor or something) entered some video into some competiton and if her video gets the most votes she gets a load of money or something.

    The competition is under-promoted given the reward. She's ranked 45th or something by the number of votes, and the current #1 has about 90 votes, and she's got about 30 right now. So... I've been asked by her to get people I know to up-vote her.

    I can't vote for it myself, because I don't have a Facebook account, and apparently to vote you need to give HSBC your "Basic Info" (no doubt to turn you into marketing fodder down the line), but anyway:

    I've been told the money will be used to fund her Masters degree which includes an overseas development research project my sister will be participating in, so it isn't money for her exactly.


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    I've voted.  What I can't undertand, couldn't you open a FB account vote, then delete it?

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    So many jokes spring to mind ...

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    @W3bbo: Only if your sister also has a square beard like yours Smiley

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    Dude, you're asking us to vote and give personal info out, but you can't be bothered to create a Facebook account to do it yourself?  Whatever.

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    If they need Facebook *AND* personal info, just creating a new account probably won't cut it.

    I don't know if Facebook provides validation service, but a bunch of fake accounts usually will just contain at most 1 or 2 links to external "real world", and should be easy to check.

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    Maddus Mattus

    I hate these type of facebook apps,...

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