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View Thread: Glad to be off the Microsoft API treadmill
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    Haven't been on Channel 9 for a while - mainly because the forgetting-login issue never really got fixed properly for 'classic account' users. But I saw some of the coverage of the much hyped Build event the other week and wanted to comment on it. Not on any of it specifically because I saw the new APIs and the Metro (puke) apps in the keynote, but couldn't be bothered to spend the time watching the sessions.

    The reason being is that I've left the devastatingly dull world of corporate web development and got myself a job in the games industry. And apart from the direct benefits of that move, I want to say how refreshing it is to not have to care about Microsoft's torrent of API's and frameworks any more.

    Of course the game engine is dependent on APIs, but on mature ones like win32 and DirectX, not on the stuff that changes every few years because people at Microsoft got bored and decided they finally cracked the secret of how to make development *easy* at last, only to abandon that again when they realise they over-engineered some monstrosity like WF or Entity Framework, or ASP.NET Webforms. WF and EF got pretty-much rewritten, Webforms got sidelined by MVC, WPF is sidelined (as far as I can tell) by WinRT/Metro apps if it wasn't already by Silverlight. And WCF should have been taken out back and shot a long time ago.

    The amount of developer hours that are wasted each year by people learning new Microsoft APIs and frameworks must be staggering. It's amusing that Channel9 put up video from PDC2003 - the one where the Longhorn technologies were revealed before all being dropped or demoted to installable .NET frameworks. Will the stuff revealed at Build be any different? Only time will tell. But I'm just so glad I don't have to care any more.