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    They think like a small company.  Just because Apple makes a few bucks on phones and tablets they make this big deal on a Metro UI.   Keep your base happy with Desktop and Business Apps (yes many now using silverlight).   Go ahead and make something as a side show for tablets and phones but dont paint it as the future for everything.  How stupid is it to bring HTML5/Javascript to write apps?  Also, lets bring back C++ for apps.  Thats a slap in the face to Java/C# developers and Anders for his hard work to make developers more productive.  VB guys I wont mention because they have already been hammered when VB6 went down.   If Microsoft was smart,  they would make the desktop even better with some of these new light weight laptops coming out.   Lead don't follow.  Xbox seems to be leading right now and not chasing anyone.   Its funny,  they now have the potential not only to lose the phone and tablet market but also to take the desktop with it.  They are better off sticking to their base and keep the business world humming.