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View Thread: Glad to be off the Microsoft API treadmill
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    ,Dr Herbie wrote

    I've worked in .NET exclusively since the first release (2002).  I got off the 'API treadmill' at.NET 2; we still use Winforms and ADO.NET Typed Datasets.  

    You don't have to be cutting edge to use the Microsoft platform; be grateful that Microsoft if moving at all and giving you the opportunity of using alternativesif you feel you need to.


    I'm glad someone got the point of my post (and managed to present a decent argument against). I can't help wondering if the defensiveness of certain others belies their true feelings about what they do.

    Anyway, I see where you're coming from - people could just stick to one generation of MS tools. I mean there are still MFC developers, VB6 developers even. But then why stick with Microsoft stuff at all if you're going to get off the treadmill that way?