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Glenn Block on the future of WCF

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    also on PDC10

    So the WCF team has started the work toward V.Next, too

    we will see a radical change in the architecture of WCF evolving away from SOAP and toward REST, I think its a good news, and even better, they wont repeat the WF upgrading story.
    and they will publish initial works on CodePlex, so the community can weigh in and help shaping it.

    I wonder when will the WPF team speaks out the new plan and maybe some CodePlext preview releases ??

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    Hi felix9

    The article is misleading. We're not radically re-architecting WCF. What we are doing is evolving our support for HTTP. This is a continuation of work we've started in .NET 3.5 and continued through 4.0. We are making signficant investments and looking to provide a more tailored HTTP experience. However, that does not replace work we have already done and we are absolutely committed to fully supporting and taking forward our overall WCF stack. At my PDC talk I will announce significant investments we are making across the board.

    I posted a bit on this here



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    Ah, thanks for the clarification ! actually I am using binary over TCP/NamedPipe bindings in my small personal projects, I know they will be supported, at least for backward compatibility, and its even better to hear that they are still 1st class and fully supported, hahah.

    actually I'm just started watching the video, sorry for copy the infoq article naively, Tongue Out

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    @gblock: Thank goodness for that, some of us actually use a lot of the features of SOAP and WS-* and would through a fit if there was any sign of that being depreciated!!  Smiley

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    @felix9: Silverlight and WPF already have a CodePlex presence. For instance, the DataGrid released with .NET 4 existed first on CodePlex.

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    I read it as "Glenn Beck".

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    For people that haven't already got a lot of experience with WCF, it's very tempting when looking at a REST interface, to bundle WebRequest and an XML or JSON parser yourself. I hope these improvements are about making it an easier decision to use. .NET land really went architecture-astronaut crazy on .NET3 with WPF, WCF and WF - all three very time-consuming technologies to learn.

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