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Going to GOTO Chicago?

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    If you're a software developer, then you should really consider attending the GOTO event to be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA on April 23-24, 2013. You've already met several of the speakers right here on C9. They span the entire spectrum of our field.

    The great thing about this event is that it's focus spans tools and platforms, frameworks and libraries, philosophies and dogmas. It's all about engineering software from design to implementation, to debugging and optimization, from client to server.

    Microsoft is proud to be a Silver sponsor. Our own Erik Meijer, Artur Laksberg and one more excellent speaker from Redmond will be on site, delivering talks about the art and craft of programming in the modern age. We'll also host a Windows Store App Development workshop, an intensive training day with hands-on app building.

    Beyond my plug, here's 43 more reasons to attend (with a few more to come):

    Aaron Bedra - Application Security Lead, Groupon and Co-Author of Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition

    Aino Corry - Retrospectives Facilitator, Member of Program Advisory Board 

    Artur Laksberg - Lead Developer of "Casablanca" (C++ REST SDK), Microsoft VC++ Team

    Bjorn Freeman-Benson - Software Psychologist - VP Engineering, New Relic 

    Brian Goetz - Java Language Architect at Oracle

    Dan North - Agile troublemaker, developer, originator of BDD

    Dave Thomas - Father of OTI, CEO of Bedarra Corp. Member of Program Advisory Board 

    Dean Wampler - Big Dataist, O'Reilly Author

    Don Reinertsen - Consultant and Author of "The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development" 

    Eric Evans - Author of Domain Driven Design

    Erik Meijer - Partner Architect at Microsoft, Father of LINQ and Rx

    Gil Tene - CTO and Co-founder, Azul Systems 

    Hadi Hariri - Developer, speaker, podcaster and Technical Evangelist at JetBrains 

    Jesper Richter-Reichhelm - Head of Engineering at Wooga 

    Jim Webber - Chief Scientist at Neo Technology and Co-Author of "REST in Practice"

    John Allspaw - Engineering Culture Hacker  Linda Rising - Queen of patterns. Author of numerous books

    Liz Keogh - Lean / Agile coach and developer 

    Martin Thompson - High-Performance & Low-Latency Specialist at Real Logic 

    Michael Feathers - Author of "Working Effectively with Legacy Code"  

    Mike Lee -  Mayor of Appsterdam 

    Miko Matsumura - VP at Kii Corporation

    Nathan Marz - Engineer at Twitter and the creator of the Storm and Cascalog open-source projects

    Pamela Fox - Front-End Engineer at Coursera 

    Rich Hickey - Creator of Clojure

    Steve Vinoski - Senior Architect - Basho Technologies

    Todd Montgomery - Network, Systems, and DevOps G

    Go to GOTO!! Smiley

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    I wish ...

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    Charles you should ask Gil Tene about pauseless GC and Managed Runtime Initiative, and ask Brian Goetz about Java 8 Method References, Erik Meijer has envy for that. Big Smile

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    , Charles wrote

    ... and one more excellent speaker from Redmond ...

    As I checke it, the only two undisclosed sessions are tuesday keynote and Front End 4, so who is that and what will it be ? Devil

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    @felix9: Well, I wouldn't let the published schedule dictate what will actually take place Smiley In all transparency, I am not working on a keynote, but Front End, yes and also Performance or Cloud (well, both, actually...).


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    I'd love to go ... great line up, and workshops. Alas, it is extremely unlikely.

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    @Richard.Hein: Why?

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    @Charles: Probably the same reasons I've got. It all comes down to having enough in the training budget for travel. Hooray for Pluralsight.

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    As kettch said ... I had to pay for BUILD.  It is only a 12 hour drive though ... we'll see.

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    I would...but low training budget and saving up for another trip instead. Wink

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