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Good WPF MVVM visual

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    Being visual dependent I have to have a visual map and I'd rather not reinvent something that already exists.

    Has anyone run across a good visual showing MVVM (applicable to WPF) for practicle use (not academic)?

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    I don't quite grasp what why mean by visual. WPF controls are lookless so what do you mean? What is it you are trying to create/achieve?

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    @vesuvius: MVVM is new to me.  And reading text hasn't worked for me lately.  So recently I started to sketch out the M, the V, the VM and am filling in the things in between as I read more.  The end result being a visual representation of a standard WPF LOB application pieces and parts and relations (or not).

    Yesterday I rediscovered the .net base class library poster.  So I thought I'd ask if a visual for a WPF LOB might exist.

    @cynthia399: Thanks.  I saw that yesterday as well.  KARL RULES!  I have it on my list to check out.

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