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    Hi, so totally new here,

    At any rate, it's good to realize that many employees at huge companies such as Microsoft often times, or more often than not really don't have any preference for that company's software or policies. They can and even do regularly go home and use other companies' software or even do so at work.

    A lot of them only show up to work to collect a paycheck and nothing more.

    I don't think that's ever brought up or stressed enough on this forum or within MSDN or Microsoft.

    Some, if not most people who work for Microsoft or similar large software companies just want to live at the expense of the company, period. And they want to live well at their expense.

    This isn't a great thing to say or to hear if you are in HR or a PM, but it's reality. Even PMs feel this way, but they'll obviously never say so. And if you ever get an interview at a big company like that, know how to traverse a binary tree, and also know how to express every major sort in big O notation in best and worst cases.