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View Thread: Google: Bing is copying our search results
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    , fanbaby wrote

    One troubling thing (for Bing users, that is) is that they took the info from the user-toolbar interaction, and incorporated it as is into bing's results. WITHOUT EVEN CHECKING THE PAGE! 

    Not really that surprising at all since Bing is not actually hijacking pages from Google. The search bar looks at the search term and then looks at the item that the user clicked on. The results are then posted back to the Microsoft. This is what every search bar does, so I find it really hard to get excited about it, to be honest. 

    If Microsoft did check the page then add it to Bing then that would be more of a problem, because then it would go beyond the user data mining that Google has been performing across its product range for years and years.

    And if I were a company that had been accused of writing a whole operating system using someone else's code, then I'd be a little less likely to start throwing stones.