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    @Bass: I was very intrigued because this might be the first Linux based OS to be widespread enough that my father might be interested. I thought the presentation was a little misleading at times and webcast was not of the best kind.

    • Even if some of the technology will work offline, it looks to me that the device will be incredibly bandwidth intensive. This is definitely going to be a problem for people traveling.
    • I don't think there can be an offline mode for Citrix. Also this will require a very good connection (oh, by the way, didn’t the last demo stop responding?).
    • The PDF rendering demo was extremely fast, but where was the PDF stored? Locally? I don't think it would be possible to download anything that big so fast.
    • The WebGL demo was, well, very similar to another 3D demo given last week yet not as impressive and smooth. Why did they pick WebGL? Is WebGL a standard like HTML5?
    • When one person in the audience asked a question about privacy and keystrokes being sent to Google when using the Omni bar, the answer was something like this "we take privacy very seriously, nothing is stored on your machine."
    • Finally the webcast experience was relatively bad: viewing was interrupted quite a few times because of limited bandwidth and there was no way to pause the show for a few minutes and then pick up from where I left. Microsoft live webcasts are far superior in this sense.