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    , elmer wrote

    @Charles:There is an awfully large number of consumers who simply don't need and/or want a general purpose OS and for whom such a product will be a perfect fit.

    I'm sure we all know plenty of people who have bought laptops (and then netbooks) only to use web-browsing and hotmail, simply because there was no practical alternative.

    Apple has already shown there is a market there, and once again MS seem to be missing the boat.

    I'm not saying it's not got a use case... Obviously, it does. Windows is a well entrenched, well established, powerful, efficient, performant, capable OS that can run on more pieces of hardware than any other OS in the world (and it does...). IE9 + Windows = best of both worlds -> web browsing runtime that takes advantage of the underlying OS and an underlying OS that supports n number of applications and application platforms. I'll be clearer in what I mean: ChromeOS, even if wildly successful, will not significantly impact Windows in the global marketplace. That's my hypothesis, anyway. Let's not forget that Windows hasn't stopped evolving at Windows 7...

    We'll see Smiley