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View Thread: Google I/O: Why can't we all just live together?
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    , kettch wrote


    "Did you know that there's a new place that serves breakfast burritos in half a mile?"

    "No, that's fine HAL, I don't have time"

    "Are you sure Dave? You didn't have breakfast."

    "No HAL, just take me to work."

    "You really should eat. Here, I've synthesized the smell of cooked bacon to help you decide."

    "Dammit HAL! I can't be late today!"

    "I've calculated that the total time for the detour will only be 5 minutes 34 seconds. I've sent an email to your first appointment informing them of the delay. Rerouting now."

    "No! HAL, give me manual control!"

    "I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."