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View Thread: Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone
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    , PaoloM wrote


    (citation needed)




    Do a simple test: search twitter for HTML5. Check out the negative tweets. For example a recent tweet is:

    the wave is huge, I don't see it changing, devs will code to WebKit and hit huge majority, easier than supporting "HTML5" whatever that is


    Now look at this Bill Reiss profile: "Senior Consultant at AgileThought, Silverlight MVP, indie game developer of Popper 2 and Wipeout games for Windows Phone and soon for Windows 8"


    A few notes:

    1. As time goes by, you see fewer negative tweets about HTML5
    2. You might argue this is anecdotal, but I find that high percentage of HTML5 FUDders are like this