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I just felt like mentioning this earlier but didn't. fanbaby, see you are wrong.

As you can see. IIS is go.ing places, like go.com places. And not just go.com which seems to be a glorified RSS feed with a Yahoo search bar. No siree. It's also powering conduit.com, which provides a pretty amazing "social toolbar" that I'm sure you will all install because it won't do anything bad to your computer.

This is honestly more pathetic then I thought. I could have sworn more people used IIS, wasn't it  just behind Apache at some point. Weird.

EDIT: Stackoverflow is IIS for sure, and it's a Real Site. Rejoice! So it's not the end of the world or anything.

It also runs Paypal (and bing), but they strip the Server header so I decided not to include it in the list.

Note that Apache is pretty poorly represented in the list too. The thing that surprised me most about the list is how many are using bespoke servers.