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View Thread: Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone
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    Here's my comment:


    Yeah, like I would listen to someone who sues for patents in Linux (!) and takes money from andoroid manufacturers for using patents like "add a phone number to the contacts by long-pressing it".

    Microsoft = patent troll!  It's a shame, it used to be tech company with some jewels like COM (CORBA done right), AJAX (thank IE 5.5, and the web outlook team for that), dotnet (java done right and agile-ly, think were it would have been today if it was TRULY open. think dotneters and weep).

    Most, if not all, presenters on youtube and vimeo about programming, web, startups, nodejs, nosql DBs, what not, USE MACS. Most users of tech-related sites like arstechnica, USE CHROME. Startups pretty much settled on POSIX. Show me sites on the alexa 100 using Windows servers.

    Now, please don't replay if it's along the lines "Microsoft is doing it legally" or "defending it's IP". That's BS. No true developer who likes programming and computers would say that.

    Microsoft, leave the high-tech world alone. Compete with technology, not patents.