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View Thread: Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone
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    , fanbaby wrote

    One more thing. Bare with me please, this one isn't simple Smiley

    I believe that the people here that cheered and gloated every time another Linux or andoid company signed patent licensing deal, were mostly Silverlight supporters. 

    (citation needed)

    They were willing to throw the open web to the dogs, for the sake of what?

    I don't know, you'd have to ask Google this. They're throwing the "open web" away by coding against a single rendering engine instead of using open standards and protocols...

    I don't know for what, but the openness of the web meant nothing to them. I would even go further and say that most of them spread FUD w.r.t. HTML5. FUD like "html5 standard would be done in 2022" etc.

    Well, it's painfully obvious that, according to Google (patron saint of the open web, apparently), HTML5 utterly failed. If even they cannot make it work cross-platform, what chance any other puny human being has to achieve the lofty goals set by the W3C consortium?

    Face it, the fact that Windows Phone cannot access Google Maps is completely irrelevant here. What IS relevant is the admission that either:

    a) HTML/JS cannot be used to develop cross platform applications and you must target a very specific rendering engine implementation in order to achieve some kind of usefulness,


    b) Google's developers are muppets and can not code their way out of a paper bag,


    c) Google is lying.

    Your pick.