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View Thread: Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone
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    , Bass wrote


    Said like someone who never had to test web apps in two vaguely different engines. When something is free and open to everyone, strongly adopted and works well, there is absolutely no reason to not use it. I suggest you need to adjust your Ballmer Peak calculations, because they seem off.

    I am pretty sure I wrote and tested web apps starting with Mosaic 0.9b1 on HP/UX 9.x. So I wouldn't go ahead and assume things if I were you, it just makes your point - if there ever was one - silly.

    After all, why bother with Linux or Firefox or Chrome when Windows is strongly adopted and works well?

    Again, drink some water and go to sleep, it's probably after your bed time anyways and in the morning everything will be better.