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View Thread: Google "maps" the human body
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    I didn't really want this to turn into another Silverlight vs Web technologies war, but I suppose that would be silly of me to consider. 

    WebGL is a standard defined by the Khronos Group, a very large industry wide consortium (that Microsoft strangely isn't a member of) that defines varies graphics standards including OpenGL. There is also an effort to turn WebGL into a W3C standard as well. 

    The resemblence to OpenGL is intentional - it allows the same skillsets people have in OpenGL, as well as many of the algorithms to be reused on the web with little to no effort. OpenGL is a standard graphics API to draw 2D and 3D objects onto a screen in a cross-platform manner, it has bindings to a hilarious number of languages and frameworks (including C#). Of course, calling it a "native" API is meaningless.