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Google pass Microsoft.

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    This is getting really concerning. If MS don't get back up, Microsoft would be overlooked and potentially lose its usefulness when people are starting to migrate at large scale.

    Really hope Win8 and WinPh8 can turn this around.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    Maddus Mattus

    Nothing lasts forever, not even Microsoft.

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    Bill Gates has wiped out Polio,  now he has to come back to Microsoft and wipe out the iPlague. 

    Microsoft will be around a long long time. 

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    @magicalclick: I think currently both Apple and Google are overinflated.  Microsoft has more staying power.  Google is really just a one trick pony (advertising) and Apple is currently very trendy.  2013 is really going to show if Microsoft's plan is going to start paying off.  It seems like the have so many new things in the pipe but they won't start becoming widely available until November.

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    Interesting times.

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    The stock exchange has always been a notoriously bad indicator when it comes to technology trends. It's why we had the whole dotcom bubble, it's why Facebook was valued so obscenely high. There's far too much focus from those looking to make a quick buck on what is cool or new, rather than what is necessarily profitable.

    Microsoft still make more profit than Google and across a much more diverse portfolio of products too. Buying their stock probably won't make you rich, but it's unlikely to go bust anytime soon either.

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    I feel like people just don't know how to value things anymore  (re: Instagram). many social media/FB-wannabe startups in Bay Area that are still not profitable.

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    , Ian2 wrote

    Interesting times.


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