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Google tracking back button clicks?

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    I just noticed on one site that the browser back button had stopped working. Then I noticed there's a in the history before "cannot display this web page" even though I never visited plusone.

    Earlier I had redirected to in the hosts file after noticing in network profiler that it consistently took the longest on the page to do whatever it is doing, and of course because it's a service I don't use so I don't need to have network connectivity to it directly.

    On the positive note, I also redirected other social services to and so far only Google is behaving badly. But this isn't unsurprising given that previously I had disabled JS on (to make the search experience better) and this broke several sites.


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    Ok looks like some other ad-tracking company also does this.

    In anycase, I found that quickly double-clicking back button will work around this issue.

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    It's things like this that make me dislike Google. They are an advertising company and nothing more.

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