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View Thread: Google wants royalty of $45 per computer sold with Windows; Microsoft files EU anti-trust complaint
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    @Bass: You didn't really read that right I think.  This dispute is for FRAND patents.  It isn't the same as standard patents.

    "I can see what Apple and Microsoft are complaining about. If every owner of standard-essential patents behaved like Motorola, this industry would be in chaos, and grind to a halt. Just in the field of wireless telecommunications standards, there are hundreds of essential portfolios, and Motorola's assertions also include related technologies such as the H.264 video codec.

    Standard-essential patents aren't powerful because of their technical merits. Most of the time they aren't particularly innovative. They're just critical because they cover mandatory parts of standards. That's the only reason they can't be worked around once they are part of an industry standard. It's key that the owners of such patents act responsibly, and if some of them don't, antitrust intervention is needed."

     This is just Google trying to get back at Microsoft for all of the Android lawsuits.  Microsoft licenced the patents and Google is raising the prices.  Google just steals other people's ideas and calls them their own.  Big difference.