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HTML5 GUI, what an opportunity for Expression Web 5

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    As we all saw at Google I/O last year, everybody was getting excited about Adobe's key note where they showed off Adobe Catalyst doing HTML5 drag and drop with a Ducati motorcycles promo.

    I have been poking around noticing that there is little to no support for HTML5 in Expression Web even though there is in IE9 and people have been asking for it.

    As a MSDN Premium subscriber I have downloaded and tried Expression web. As a certified money opti-mizer, I have not upgraded my Adobe Creative Suite Premium since CS3 a few years ago. I work for an actual legitimate company, so if I used pirated versions Adobe could and most likely would either send a legal threat or sue or something nasty like that. You can view registration information or lack there of in the binary produced in files created by many Adobe products.

    Is Microsoft going to take some initiative here with Expression tools or should I be planning on a CS6 upgrade for HTML5 Canvas RAD GUI tools?

    Other than the Photoshop content-fill effect that was introduced in CS5 I have not felt a need for the pricy upgrade just quite yet.

    It would be nice to see Microsoft come in first place for once on this front. Are they even headed in that direction?

    I would love to go to a single Google I/O conference(say Google I/O 2011), and mind you I've been there every single year and am an alumni, and see Microsoft NOT get boo'ed in every single keynote speech and in almost every single session there. Even the fireside chats.

    This type of initiative could help curb that.

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    guess they are'

    With the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 to the Web standards world, Web development is turning a corner. Gone are the days of boring, static brochure sites. Now Web designers and developers can create rich, interactive standards-based Web applications. The Expression team is looking for a strong Senior Program Manager that is ready to change the way that Modern Web Designers create rich interactive Web applications. We are building a modern design tool for the visual construction of HTML-based applications, focusing on generating semantic mark-up.

    HTML5 and CSS3 are positioned to change web development as we know it, and thus, are critically important to our customers. Microsoft must embrace these developing standards and provide modern tooling which enables both designers and developers to create rich user experiences. You could be part of this happening on the Expression Blend team!

    Expression is a fast-paced, focused group that delivers products both for developers and for the professional design community. We are looking for an experienced, highly motivated developer to help build the next generation of Rich User Experience design tools for the HTML platform. Expression products are the tool of choice for WPF, Silverlight, and in the near future modern web applications.

    there is also sth happening on the visual studio side

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    Lets just get something straight. I didn't mean doing HTML5 validation in Expression tools. I meant having a palette and brushes and doing vector art on a stage visually and tweening where it's pre-rendered for debugging and finally compiled to HTML5 canvas drawing and javascript automatically.

    From the job details it's really unclear what aspect of HTML5 they are building into the Expression tools.

    HTML5 constructs can be as mundane as semantic header, nav and footer tags or can be as spectacular as what flash does via animation using canvas and javascript worker threads, and local storage.

    So while it's promising that they're looking for employees with some HTML5 knowledge, it's not promising that they're not talking about making this tool. Before you do something at a company that size there has to be some outward discussion.

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    come on, who is the most important Drag'n'Drop / WYSIWYG lover in the industry, and often being criticized or laughed at because of that ? its microsoft. And what 'visually construct' or 'modern tooling' means in a microsoft post ? heheh. Also note its talking about Blend, which is a vector-based graphical user interface design tool.

    and I think those basic HTML5/CSS3 editing support is already available in Expression Web SP1.

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    @Henry Gates: "As a MSDN Premium subscriber" I thought emacs was more your speed, I hate to see you've fallen to the dark side. Have you no conscience, Sir? "As a certified money opti-mizer"

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    , Royal​Schrubber wrote

    @Henry Gates: "As a MSDN Premium subscriber" I thought emacs was more your speed, I hate to see you've fallen to the dark side. Have you no conscience, Sir? "As a certified money opti-mizer"

    Methinks he signed up for BizSpark and didn't pay a dime for his MSDN subscription.

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    If they can pull it off I think and Expression Web / Visual Studio kind of mix would be cool. 

    Such that although 100% HTML5 is possible in VS if you really want to design stuff then you switch out to Expression Web. (Kind of like the whole Silverlight/WPF VS/Blend mix is today)

    BTW Expression Web has awesome support for CSS

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    @Setag_Yrneh: lol, of course they are doing this. there will probably be a beta announced at MIX next week.

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    @Setag_Yrneh: "HTML5 Canvas RAD GUI tools" This sounds like Flash or Blend to me, and the canvas tag is starting to sound like Flash 10+ years ago. On top of that, older browsers won't be able to render the canvas stuff. <canvas> is just as useless as the <footer> tag is....

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