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View Thread: HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???
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    So, this place is full of trolls. Like i care ! LOL

    XP actually is the most stable windows release , and YES i have opera,mozilla,safari,firefox installed aswell. BUT i also use programs like "". Actually the support for winxp dont expire until 2013 afaik, and many companys still use it.

    I also use Linux, but i have 10-20 ppl call me each week about the XP problems.

    And i DOO have a 15 year old car that work like a clockwork! Sorry if i disturbed your Bill Gates lovers that runs W7+ , i have tryed it and its su-- real bad.

    So i must stop writing now as the box expands down to the grey field below.. null is not a objekt , rite .. fk noobs