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View Thread: HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???
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    Wonder what microsoft is up to. I have used Windows XP for 10 years and i have no plans

    to upgrade to Win7 or Win8 cause of major changes in the Register and  UAC.

    So, either microsoft add HTML5 support and fix all Javascriptbugs or many people will

    leave Windows enviroment. I will 4 sure. Not many page you can use nowdays

    with IE8, javascript error or canvas is needed. I has been around since dos 6

    all the way, i think i will have to leave microsoft now.. Sad

    So i has been a microsoft junkie and still use XP pro and Outlook express,

    but cant do it anymore. Even this forum cant handle XP Pro IE8 .

    Now i cant see anymore as i type below the screen in the gray field with

    copyringht 2012 Microsoft and the links. Now im off that , im out in the clear again the white

    text had zero opacity, now im below the gray field. Shall i say more?