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View Thread: Has W7P already died?
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    @magicalclick: "IDK, I only know I have so many free games on XBL on my WP7. And many more new games very day. I have to check regularly from the "ranked free" section. I don't look at new or paid section, too much work (games only)."

    I loved this quote from Kid Rock on Piers Morgan:

    "Kid Rock on Piers Morgan criticizing American Idol. He said the show creates instant fame for these kids and then dumps them, and it basically sucks to be famous and broke, "

    All these app stores have one thing in common, they make developers famous and broke as American Idol does for reality rock stars.

    Revenue stats for iPhone:

    Microsoft thinks they can get around this by paying their friends at contracting companies 100k+ per app then having everybody else lose money by developing for it.

    The whole reason XBox got big is that it was another $60+ game DVD that was signed and couldn't be copied and put on NNTP or

    "Nintendo America's President, Reggie Fils-Aime, has said that cheap mobile games are a major threat to the games industry, describing them as being some of the 'biggest risks' to the market."

    This is the biggest issue for mobile developers and Microsoft has shown clearly that it doesn't care about the ecosystem. Even less so than Apple or Google.

    That's a major difference between W7P and XBox. Microsoft isn't making a cheap SDK so more developers can make money, Microsoft is making a "Yet Another" phone platform, except even more generic than any other and less profitable.

     Joe Shmoe Douche Pizza shop owner will pay an indie developer $1000 for an iPhone/Android app. They'll pay NOTHING for a W7P app. At the current rate, they'll NEVER pay any consulting firm to build anything for Windows mobile. And that's a fact.

    What built the Android and iPhone app ecosystem was not revenue from sales, but revenue from small shops building branded apps for stores and B2B contracts.

    So Microsoft wants all these already small dev teams to pay out of pocket because there is no business there.