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View Thread: Has W7P already died?
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    Dr Herbie

    @contextfree`:  ... and I thought that app switching speed was something addressed in the first service pack ...

    Which does bring me to the only really negative comment I have about my WP7 device -- I still haven't recieved any updates. I have a Samsung Omnia 7 which might have been affected by the first bodged update, so I'm thankful that they pulled it and re-issued before I had a chance to try it.  My phone carrier is listed as pushing the update in the UK for my model of phone, but because this is outside of Microsoft's control, I can't find any detail of when I could expect to see it.

    Microsoft should have been more stringent with the carriers to ensure that customers were not kept in the dark about progress.  If don't know when/if I'm getting updates, so it can be frustrating to hear about updates being released and trumpeted by Microsoft without knowing if I'll ever get it.