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View Thread: Has W7P already died?
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    Outside of C9 I never read anything about this OS. In fact I didn't read anything about it on launch day, it was pretty devastating, now all I read is negative reviews, serious bugs, or people "switching back to [Android/iOS]."

    I was just on an independent mobile phone seller's web-site and they have dedicated buttons for the iPhone and Android. If you want to find the Windows phone you have to go looking, and it is literally at the bottom of the list of OS's under Blackberry (and this is NOT alphabetical).

    I don't actually own a W7Phone but oddly it is in my best interest for it to do well since I have a vested interest in the .Net framework and by extension the mobile .Net framework (and C#).

    I didn't buy one since it was as expensive as an iPhone but with a five year old features book, bad UI, and poor/inconsistent hardware. The Android was cheap and "good enough." I'd still like an iPhone, the UI and UX are simply excellent.

    I'm not sure what Microsoft can do at this stage. In fact I'm not sure what Microsoft has been doing between launch and today. The entire product feels as if it doesn't have Microsoft's backing and now they want to leave it out to dry up and die in the sun.