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View Thread: Has W7P already died?
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    The mistake most people like us make is to listen to tech "blogs" about what the general population thinks.  We live in the ADD generation and people complain if they don't get everything now.  The phone has been out 4 months and people are complaining because things are not happening fast enough.  It took longer than that for iPhone and Android (especially Android) to catch on.  I also notice that there are tons of Android trolls that go around and post negative things about the phone even though they have never touched one.

    All I know is my non-geek girlfriend bought one and loves it.  She doesn't care about what updates are coming or how it compares to other phones out there.  She just cares that it does what she wants and does it well.  I love my phone as well and I have used every other type of phone out there (iPhone, Android, WM, even old flip phones).  It is the best one I have used yet.