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View Thread: Has W7P already died?
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    Charles wrote: 10,000 apps is pretty good given how long the phone's been available...

    Maybe it is, but shouldn't a device stand on its own? Do you think a premium product on sometimes sketchy hardware is a good recipe for success?

    It's far from over, folks. Remember when XBox shipped?

    Yes, I remember it being hugely successful right out the gate. I can still remember the buzz about Halo, the cardboard billboards everywhere, and how all the people in the industry were confused because the "PS2 was better!"

    But I guess we're talking about different things. The market buzz around both the X-Box and W7P are similar, that I grant, but what I am talking about is actual sales figures. The W7P, last I read holds less than 3% and that was with Microsoft throwing away millions to market it.

    If I approach someone on the street and ask them what "Windows 7 Phone is?" Do you think they'd know? It is a horrible product name, by the way, stop putting "Windows" in things. "Windows 7" doesn't help sell the darn thing, it hurts it hugely due to lack of identity.