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View Thread: Has W7P already died?
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    This is what I see in MS Partner emails:

    "Dear First Name,

    There has never been a better time to develop for Windows Phone 7. With the added customer base of Sprint & Verizon CDMA networks coming soon, developers have a great opportunity to build apps with broader reach in a growing market. "Coming to CDMA is another milestone," said IDC's director of applications software development, Al Hilwa. He added that Microsoft is "about to reach 9,000 apps in the store, which puts them in good stead." We invite you to join the 28,000+* developers building on the Windows Phone 7 platform and create apps for millions of WP7 users around the world. The Windows Phone 7 Developer Program is here to provide everything you need to develop and market a WP7 app. The program offers no-cost development tools, code samples, step-by-step guidance, and marketing benefits to help drive your sales"

    This is what I need to see before I buy a Windows 7 phone and start developing for it.

    "We realize you may have seen other development teams receive a large sum of cash from Microsoft platform evangalism to port to our platform, and we know that you saw us dump 1+ billion into Nokia to sell off QT and abandon MeeGo. Now your company will also cash in on our spending spree.

    Here is X all cash offer for a full team to develop Y W7P application, including cash deposit, and cash payments as milestones are reached. We realize that you have to do payroll, and that you can't otherwise risk it on this unpopular platform so we will compensate all partners accordingly and fairly to accept the risk of doing business with us on this platform."

    That's what I would like to see, and I am not seeing that.