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View Thread: Has W7P already died?
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    I think WP7 is a great platform, getting better, and gaining some ground.

    Joe Befiore was right when he said it will take some time to gain actual traction, but ease of development and ease of use are generally there.

    The marketplace is very near 12,000 apps now.   And better and better apps are joining everyday.

    I must say it, however, I wish AT&T would get off their penguin butts and give me my update.  I don't want to go over to XDA and hack the phone.

    We'll see what happens by 2016 -- I think good things will happen by 2015 when IDC seems to like a 1, 2 punch of Android and Windows Phone 7.

    Microsoft is willing to put the effort toward an all-out assault and history has shown not to go against Microsoft in a marathon such as this.

    As for product placement, I've seen a few too many movies with iPhones and Mac's in them.  Apple must spend a ton on those placements.  I'd like to see Windows PC's, tablets and Windows Phone 7.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!