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Has W7P already died?

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    Dr Herbie

    @contextfree`:  ... and I thought that app switching speed was something addressed in the first service pack ...

    Which does bring me to the only really negative comment I have about my WP7 device -- I still haven't recieved any updates. I have a Samsung Omnia 7 which might have been affected by the first bodged update, so I'm thankful that they pulled it and re-issued before I had a chance to try it.  My phone carrier is listed as pushing the update in the UK for my model of phone, but because this is outside of Microsoft's control, I can't find any detail of when I could expect to see it.

    Microsoft should have been more stringent with the carriers to ensure that customers were not kept in the dark about progress.  If don't know when/if I'm getting updates, so it can be frustrating to hear about updates being released and trumpeted by Microsoft without knowing if I'll ever get it.


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    , AndyC wrote


    Hello again Chris, still can't let that Petzold tattoo thing go can you? Counting down the days till you get yourself banned (again).

    Dammit, I wanted to be the first to suspect it was Beer28.

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    LOLz at people bashing 1st gen OS. Okay okay, I know it is actually 7th, but, it is a refresh, and it is 1st Win "Phone" because it actualy don't run old stuff and it runs SL. Anyway, were there really tons more people jump on 1st gen iPhone or Android compare to 1st gen Win Phone? I don't have the number, but, I don't think so. And they have less competitions back then.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    , cbae wrote


    Apple charges the same amount for the iOS Developer Program. I understand that Microsoft returns the $99 once you have two apps in the Marketplace anyway.

    true, but the iphone didnt have the giant catchup challange that wp7 has.. microsoft should do all that they can to get people to develop for wp7, small indie devs especially

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    , contextfree` wrote

    Depends on the app. None of the apps I use regularly have resume times above a few seconds, but I think some games do.

    That makes sense since games typically have a lot of resources. I thought based on the description that it was more of a general lagginess.

    For as much as I want to give WP7 a "first-gen" break it's difficult to do so knowing that it has such an up hill battle for adoption. If the iPhone handn't changed the game like it did and then Android followed up with such a strong following I believe Microsoft would have a hit on its hands. We can all marvel at it's technical coolness and potential but people also marvelled at OS/2. Being technically great doesn't sell phones.

    I saw an AT&T commercial this weekend that showcased one of the WP7 phones and actually had some teeth: unlike their initial foray with those little critters that were so, well, um... Hopefully Microsoft's partners can really make an impact on mindshare. I don't think the market is going to wait for a hail mary from Nokia 8 months from now nor WP8 even later. IMO Microsoft needs to target very specific demographics (i.e. commercials for gamers showcasing the XBOX stuff, commercials for business showing the SharePoint intergration & Office stuff). You have to give reasons why "I gotta have that!" Then you have to make sure the experience is simple and smooth like butter. The "get back to your life quicker" notion is good but not a game changer. Microsoft needs to showcase why WP7 kicks *.

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    Crap. I read this article title, glanced at the picture and thought "now that's what I'm talking about!" only to read that the 3D phone is Android. Sure 3D is gimmicky but Microsoft needs some hook(s) like that. Then again it is an LG phone... Smiley

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    I think WP7 is a great platform, getting better, and gaining some ground.

    Joe Befiore was right when he said it will take some time to gain actual traction, but ease of development and ease of use are generally there.

    The marketplace is very near 12,000 apps now.   And better and better apps are joining everyday.

    I must say it, however, I wish AT&T would get off their penguin butts and give me my update.  I don't want to go over to XDA and hack the phone.

    We'll see what happens by 2016 -- I think good things will happen by 2015 when IDC seems to like a 1, 2 punch of Android and Windows Phone 7.

    Microsoft is willing to put the effort toward an all-out assault and history has shown not to go against Microsoft in a marathon such as this.

    As for product placement, I've seen a few too many movies with iPhones and Mac's in them.  Apple must spend a ton on those placements.  I'd like to see Windows PC's, tablets and Windows Phone 7.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!


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    IDC Expects Windows Phone To Be No.2 Smartphone OS By 2015

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