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View Thread: Has anyone here used DevExpress XAF? Looking for Opinions.
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    @cbae: "It makes me wonder why DevExpress hasn't fixed the problem yet after 7 months."

    Please show me what exact information Edward/sysrpl originally provided that could help determine the cause of his problems. Note: I am not saying that he hasn't a problem, nor that it is his fault but simply that he should have accepted the offer to submit a program displaying his problem and have it diagnosed for free. I've done it in the past and it works miracles if support has something other than 'it doesn't work' . That's not something special for XAF nor DevExpress nor <whomever> but that is helping people to help you. There have been 7 months and two threads on his initiative on Channle 9 about this subject, talk about wasting time and resources.

    @JohnAskew: There has not been any rely relevant help from anybody in this thread, it started as a complain and it turned into a shouting match. But lets be honest: nobody comes to the coffeehouse to get technical support, Edward merely wanted to vent his frustration in a public place. Maybe he did not even expect someone pointing to his original post at the DevExpress forums.

    As for XAF, frameworks etc. Everybody can do/use whatever he thinks is the best, I do not care. I do care about damaging a product I've come to appreciate by someone just 'to get even'  which is a moronic thing to do as he still has the product built in XAF.