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View Thread: Has anyone here used DevExpress XAF? Looking for Opinions.
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    >>Cheers! sysrpl   EDIT: yes, I did look at it last year - blech!<<

    Thank you for your feedback, John. Would you please provide more descriptive feedback on what you liked, and what you did not like in XAF? Also, it would be interesting to learn about the project you wanted to implement with XAF, because this tool might be not suitable for this.

    I am saying this because XAF is not a universal means of accomplishing various development tasks, and thus may not meet everyone's needs. If you are fine with having to deal with templates or code snippets, go for it. But apart from that, XAF provides you with a highly extensible and customizable development platform - framework, where developers can not only customize or fully replace standard "plug-ins", but also provide their own ones that are tailored to their specific business requirements. Shipped together with a rich set of built-in functionality packed into modules, XAF makes creation of business apps (e.g., CMS, ERP, CRM, etc.) faster as compared to traditional development approaches.