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Has anyone here used DevExpress XAF? Looking for Opinions.

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    Without DevExpress Support, it will not work. Especially at the beginning.

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    Do not install every update, i.e. Version 13.2.6, here the XPO designer & XAF were not working properly together

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    First I would like to say I'm not a bot! :) I'm from Italy, I'm an IT consultant since years with just a "home made" experience as developer, made with the customers. And after a lot of MS access, in a huge international company since some years I'm developing a lot of aspx .net pages connected to a SQL 2005, by I get trained on this technology in half a day where a developer told me "ok, this is a grid, this is a sqlconnector, this is the codebehind... and now fight!" and then until now only google was my trainer!

    This is introduction is to let you understand my skill level. Now the question...

    I'm going together with a friend (IT consultant too) to create a new company, to develop some business softwares we have in mind. Mainly for cloud. We are now looking around to find the technology to invest in, and base our future on... we are looking for something that will let us safe developing time, avoid dummy errors, produce good performance applications and is easy to start with. XAF now is the first in the grid. It seems perfect to me. We have seen lightswitch but nothing to do with XAF.

    Question is: any advice? If not XAF from DevEx, what else?

    Thanks a lot in advance for any good suggestion!

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    @menno: I have no experience with XAF, but I will say that if you want to base your future on something, build it yourself. DevExpress could go bankrupt next year. They could cancel XAF next month. Build it yourself and it will be perfect for your application and you will be able to fix any bugs without relying on a third party for support.

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