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View Thread: Has there been a negative video about MS on C9?
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    ,PaoloM wrote

    Well, if you don't know enough about it, how can you tell it was a flop?

    And since when you have been able to run different OSs on mobile phones? (except for acts of extreme hacking, that count for what amounts to statistical noise)

    If a phone runs android, does that mean it is open to pretty much any OS being loaded on it? That is one of my assumptions.  Why discontinue windows mobile as a competitor to android?

    Regarding my lack of knowledge about windows mobile, I get all my tech info from C9 and MSDN <g>. I have a windows mobile phone. Can it connect to a wireless router as an IP device on a LAN? That would be neat if I could network to my phone from my PC, send code to it that I wrote using visual studio, exchange data between the devices.