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    cbae wrote

    @NitzW: Win+F in Windows 7 does nothing but bring up Explorer file and folder search, which still exists in Windows 8. Metro search simply replaces the start menu search, which never had details like file date and size anyway.

    Yes, because it didn't need it - the Start Menu search (for me at least) was mainly used as a quick program launcher or familiar file launcher.  Start typing the first few characters of the app/document, <Enter> - boom, app launched, or drag the document that you need opened into a new window (or right-click and delete it, copy it, get properties, etc). Now through Win8:

    • Windows key - launches Metro, a completely alien GUI compared to the one you were just in. 
    • With the mouse, select Apps or Files.
    • Enter in your search text.
    • Select the app/file, hit return. Or, you wanted to drag and drop?  Pfft.

    Yes, you can use the search field in Explorer - after you open up the Window, mouse the mouse pointer or hit Tab several times, type in your query.

    Many more steps to replicate the functionality of a hotkey - which now launches a completely distinct GUI.  Wonderful.