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    ,NitzW wrote






    Yes, because it didn't need it - the Start Menu search (for me at least) was mainly used as a quick program launcher or familiar file launcher.  Start typing the first few characters of the app/document, <Enter> - boom, app launched, or drag the document that you need opened into a new window (or right-click and delete it, copy it, get properties, etc). Now through Win8:

    • Windows key - launches Metro, a completely alien GUI compared to the one you were just in. 
    • With the mouse, select Apps or Files.
    • Enter in your search text.
    • Select the app/file, hit return. Or, you wanted to drag and drop?  Pfft.

    Yes, you can use the search field in Explorer - after you open up the Window, mouse the mouse pointer or hit Tab several times, type in your query.

    Many more steps to replicate the functionality of a hotkey - which now launches a completely distinct GUI.  Wonderful.


    Can't you just start typing in Metro and it searches immediately.  Why do you need to select Apps or Files?