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Help regarding an application in Kinect to overlay an image on live video using c++ in win32 api

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    I m trying to do an application using Kinect.I m not able to proceed due to the following hindrance in developing the project.Can you please help me out.


        I m trying to overlay an image on a live video produced using Microsoft Kinect. The IDE used is Visual Studio Professional 2010. The code is developed in C++.The video is displayed using Kinect. When I try to overlay image on the live video, I m not able to see the image. The video is running at 30 frames / sec. I m loading the image using a handle i.e.  


                           HANDLE hBitmap;            

                 hBitmap = LoadImage(NULL, L"C:\\Users\\User\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2010\\Projects\\ImageVirtual\\ImageVirtual\\BMP_Image.bmp",IMAGE_BITMAP, 0,0, LR_LOADFROMFILE );


    I have to load this image and overlay it on to the video at a specific location.


      I m passing the ID of a picture control, placed on the dialog box in the rc file, to the kinect to load the live video and display it. I m not using any MFCs in the code. The video is rendered by using Direct 2D mechanism

         I have the following doubts:

    • ·         How to load and overlay the image on the live video at a specific location.
    • ·         Is it possible to overlay image and video using the same picture control or is it necessary to use two different picture controls for image and video and then overlay the image over the video?


    NOTE :


           I m trying to overlay image on a video which is similar to the FaceTracking mechanism in Microsoft Kinect SDK.


    Looking forward for a positive response at the earliest.

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