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Hexadecimal Viewer Control in C#

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    Project Description

    Simple HexControl (HexView) is a classic Windows Forms control. It implements a hexadecimal view of bytes with grouping. It's blazing fast, renders only visible frame of a window and support of painting the individual groups of bytes without the total window redraw.

    hexcontrol01.PNG hexcontrol02.PNG



    - Supports vertical and horizontal scrolling
    - Supports auto-scroll / auto hide scroll bars
    - Renders only visible window frame
    - Can update individual byte change
    - Supports any type of fonts
    - Less intense calculations due to bytes block measurement / rendering


    HexControl is scrollable composite Windows Forms control. Control logic is divided into presentation logic, model, and some simple code to reflect model changes to presentation control (M-V pattern), skipping controller logic totally, because controller part (events, subscriptions, updates) will be taken totally by the .NET Framework.

    Usage scenarios

    You can change grouping of the bytes by setting HexControl properties in Appearance section:

    - BytesPerColumn
    - ColumnPerRow





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